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How to Make Money Selling Your Movie Collection

Have you ever noticed that you make easy cash by selling old movies online while decluttering your house?

Let me put it this way; it doesn’t matter whether you want to clear an upstanding debt, enhance your investment portfolio, or save up for a rainy day; learning to make money selling old movies as a side hustle doesn’t require a particular skill.

Thankfully, we’re living in an era of technological advancement, enabling us to earn extra cash in many unique ways.

It’s now possible to find a new home for your movie collection from the comfort of your home and instantaneously make some quick cash.

make money by selling your movie collection

Tips for Selling Used Movies

Before we get started on how and where to sell your old movie DVDs, here are a few valuable insights to help you succeed in earning money through the sale of your old movies.

Be Honest And Transparent

Every business selling used households requires a lot of transparency and honesty in providing accurate information regarding the item’s condition. Selling your used movies will not be any different. 

You’ll need to state whether your DVD is new, slightly used, or ultimately used up. That way, the potential buyer will get an idea of what to expect; at the same time, you get good reviews and ratings.

Be Assertive Yet Friendly

Customers have a different perception of used items on sale; no doubt, when you post used items, you’ll run into rude buyers who will contact you. Also, you’ll get buyers who will give lowball offers. Remember that you’re in business and therefore shouldn’t take things personally.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you become a pushover. To succeed in selling used items, be assertive when negotiating, and remember that you catch more flies with sugar! 

Create A Brief And Captivating Title

When listing your movies, create a captivating selling title, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly customers will notice your DVDs. The thing is, your titles shouldn’t be long or too short. However, ensure the labels are truthful and indeed reflect the actual movie.

Make Use Of A Google Voice Number

When selling your old movies, you’ll often interact with local buyers and strangers online; it’s obvious that you wouldn’t want to share your personal cell phone contacts. A Google voice number will be of great help when listing your movies, and besides, this makes prospective customers feel more at ease since they can contact you.

You don’t have to worry about incurring extra costs to get this number; Google Voice numbers are free for everyone with a Google account, But that’s not all; the numbers provide you a layer of protection against the world’s wonders. 

Use Competitive Prices

It is vital to consider the state of your used movies when setting their selling price. Always ensure you put a price that matches the value of the used movie but not what it seems worth to you.

If your move is slightly used, almost new, and in the original packaging, you can sell it at the actual price or a slightly lower price. However, if your movie has some significant wear and tear, consider the value of wear and tear when setting your selling price alternatively, sell it at a discounted price.

Similarly, you can make a price comparison on websites like Amazon and eBay to help determine your movie’s market value.

Lastly, consider factors that could affect the demand for your movies, for instance, the availability of your movies on Netflix.

Use The Original Packaging

If you intend to sell your used movies to resellers, ensure you have the original case and artwork. Usually, resellers reject any movies that arrive without the original packaging.

How Much Can You Sell Your Used Movies For?

We have two factors that make a DVD movie valuable: demand and scarcity. Usually, a movie’s market depends on its popularity, content, or franchise. Similarly, contemporary and unique packaging and special features can significantly increase the demand for your movie.

Typically, used movie DVDs cost between $2 to $20. However, this could vary depending on its initial value and current condition. An average DVD can fetch up to $5.

Best Places To Sell Your Movie Collection

Whether your movie collection contains new releases or timeless classics, you earn extra cash without wasting too much time.

Let’s look at the best places to sell your movie collection.


This option offers instant valuation for your movie collections without the hassle of auctions and fees. You need to download their free app, which turns your phone’s camera into a barcode scanner and helps you value your movies quickly!

So, using Decluttr is easier than you think, and all you need to get started is to enter the barcode for the movie collection you wish to sell and ship them for free. And you’ll instantly get a shipping label for free.

The next step is selecting your preferred mode of payment, either PayPal or direct deposit, and get paid

 Eagle Saver

The other option for finding a new home for your movie collection is through   Eagle Saver. You get an instant quote for each movie you wish to sell by entering the 12-digit barcode listed under the UPC barcode.

The good news is that you can also sell TV series with Eagle Saver. And you don’t need to worry about shipping costs; Eagle Saver accepts USPS and FedEx shipments for DVDs free of charge. The good thing is that you’ll get paid the next day once they receive your titles.

Another advantage of selling with Eagle Saver is that if your movies fall short of their quality standards, they have free return shipping.


The unique perk of selling old movies with Bonavendi is comparing prices of 20plus  different vendors and buyback websites. This means you’ll always buy your old movies at the best price.

We‘re not through yet, as you sell your old movie for a fixed price without complicated online auctions by simply sending your movie straight to the vendor, and boom, you make your money!

To compare prices, enter each barcode number separately and scan them with your mobile app. Once you get each quote, then select the vendor of your choice. However, it’s essential to note that individual vendors will pay you according to their terms.


Craigslist is another excellent option for selling used movie collections. Be it a single movie, a complete series of a film, or a single TV show season, you’ll sell it on Craigslist.

Listing your movie is free; therefore, you’ll pocket all the profit, and your buyer will pay in cash on the spot.


Your neighborhood pawn shop is another opportunity of disposing of your movies locally. And it’s pretty simple to sell your movies to a pawn shop, organize them well and drop them at the shop, and the shop attendants will review your collection and offer you a price.

If you strike a deal, you get your cash, and they are left with the movies to sell in their store. However, you’ll need to know old movie trade-in values online to help you negotiate a reasonable price. Likewise, if their offer isn’t pleasing, you can opt to sell them on your own, and you’ll even earn more.


Old bookstores buy used books, films, and movies, and most of them accept old movies and video games. You sell your old movies at premium prices depending on the demand for the movies you intend to sell.

Also, you can consider selling your movies for store credit since most bookstores offer an excellent rate to the seller who doesn’t demand cash on delivery; that way, you maximize your profit.

Yard Sale

A yard sale is a perfect option for selling your movies from the comfort of your house. Here is all you have to do, advertise your sale on a local yard sale app to get excellent exposure to prospective buyers planning their weekend route.

Similarly, if you have a few valuable movies to dispose of, ensure you mention them in the listing. This way, you’ll generate more interest in your yard sale. 

It is also important to note that a yard sale demands quite a bit of your time to complete a sale of your movies; otherwise, bargain with potential buyers willing to pay less than your price, and still, there’s no guarantee your movies will sell. But if you have the time and the space, it will be more cost-effective than using gas to drive across town to meet a buyer or check on what your local pawn shop is offering. 


Another great option is selling your movie locally via Facebook buyer and seller groups to avoid the trouble of shipping your movies and waiting to receive a payment. And you know what? Listing is free, so you get paid once you meet the buyer one-on-one. You need to read the group guidelines, and you’ll sell all your movies.

In addition, buyers can opt to pay using a Visa card on Facebook if they prefer digital payments. You won’t pay fees for Visa or MasterCard card payments, and you can access your funds very fast.


With Amazon, you have many selling options. The most rewarding option is to list your movies as a third-party listing. However, unlike the movie buyback services, you’ll only get paid when your movie is purchased, and you’ve mailed it to the buyer.

While Amazon charges a commission on sales, you’re likely to make more money for movies that can’t meet the buyback vendors’ quality standards or even trade-in value. Likewise, you’ll sell high-quality movies at a premium price.

The other advantage of selling through Amazon is that you’ll receive your payment instantly as soon as Amazon receives your movies. And you can get paid with an Amazon gift card if you go for credit instead of cash.

Things To Make From Your Old Movie DVD Collection To Earn Money

With the current dynamics in technology, it is possible to transform old movie DVDs into adorable ornaments and instruments. Let’s take a look at some of the items.

Making Mosaic

One of the outstanding features of old movie DVDs and CDs is their stunning opalescent. And here is the kicker, due to their iridescent nature, you can make excellent bowls, picture frames, drink coasters, and wall art and sell them to earn extra money.

It’s easier than you think. Just warm up the discs by letting them sit in the sun or using a hair dryer. Then using sharp, sturdy scissors, cut the disc into small pieces and make your bowls or picture frames.

Better still, if you’re tech-savvy, watch video tutorials on how to make a bowl from an old CD or DVD. Indeed you’ll learn how to make countless items and make money out of them. 

Making Precious Jewelry

The sparkling glittering of old movie DVDs also makes them suitable for making jewelry. It’s pretty simple once you think about it; just cut the disc into various shapes and hang them on chain jewelry, and there you have your product for sale.

Many people often prefer spitting the disc in two while making the jewelry, making the finished product more appealing. 

Crafting Disco Ball

We all love the swirling, especially the retro-glittery effect of a disco ball! And you know what? You, too, can craft your disco ball out of old movie DVDs and sell it!

It sounds simple. And it is. You only need to cut the old DVDs into squares and glue them to a large paper maché ball. And boom! You’ve cranked up the Bee Gees! Although disco balls were popular decor in the ’70s, recently, they’ve made a vintage trend comeback. An example of cane details

To Sum It Up

While it’s not easy to let go of these precious memories, it might be time to declutter your house and make some money.

Take your DVDs to your local movie shop or garage sale and sell them for profit, which might be your new side-hustle opportunity to earn money online.

Selling Movie FAQ’s

Are There Unique Requirements For Old Movie DVD Conditions? 

If you want to sell a used DVD quickly, ensure it is in good condition, i.e., not extensively scratched. And both inside and outside are there.  

However, vendors’ terms and conditions are different. To be specific, enter the barcode of a movie to check if they will accept it. 

Which Old Movie DVDs Sell At A Reasonable Price? 

Titles that have a high demand and scarce movies get to fetch the best buyback rates.

How Much Can I Earn From Sales Of Used DVDs?

Statistics indicate that a used DVD can fetch anywhere between $1-$10. It should be in good condition, new, or slightly used. However, a scarce title or a collectible edition can sell at higher rates.

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