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How to Make Money by Real Estate Cleaning

The real estate market is booming and realtors are scrambling to find qualified real estate cleaners. While there may be a few real estate cleaning companies out there, it’s still worth the effort for you to start your own business!

If you are looking for a unique way to make cash with minimal investment, this could be just the side hustle that you were looking for.

Get Paid to Clean Up Real Estate Properties

In the wake of recent economic difficulties, it’s hard not to feel like we’re all riding on a sinking ship. But there is some good news: according to reports by home builders and industry experts alike–the housing market has been steadily returning in terms of building new houses!

What does this mean for you? This good news means there are a few great ways to make some money off the situation.

There are so many options, it can be overwhelming. What if we gave you some advice on how to make sense of the plethora? That’s what our team is here for!

Get started with these seven easy options:

 1.      Real Estate Cleaning: How to start a foreclosure cleaning business.

Start a side business during your off-work hours to clean out bank-owned houses or homes purchased by investors who want to flip them. Be specific about what you’ll do.

·        For example, you could advertise that you’ll get started by removing all trash in the home down to every last wall and floorboard—even haul it off yourself if need be! Charge per property or by the hour (depending on what type of service is needed).

·        Prior to bidding or accepting the job, meet with the owner at the property for a walk-through. You will be able to see what kind of project you are dealing with before naming your price. Before long, banks or contractors will be calling you for your services.

This is a minimal investment to start up – you can even get your cleaning supplies and work gloves at your local dollar store.

How to find foreclosure cleaning jobs

This is the busywork part – getting that first job or two. Make a list of your local real estate offices and ask for the agents in charge of selling foreclosures. They may already have someone they work with regularly but might take your name as a backup person.

When a house finally clears paperwork and is ready to be listed, it usually means the cleaning needs to be done ASAP. If their regular person is already busy, you might score the job!

Make sure you contact all the agencies in your immediate area and surrounding community for best results.

How much do forclosure cleaners make?

While you may walk into a ghastly situation occasionally, the job can pay you well for a weekend of work. Usually the price averages between $1,000 to $3,500 per house. There is also a bonus way to make money here: selling things that have been left behind by the previous homeowner.

It is up to you if you want to try and sell that giant TV or treadmill that they left behind, but it could net you another $250 – 500 per job.

$3,000 might not seem like much for a weekend of work, but 2 jobs a month adds up to $72,000 a year. Not too shabby for a “side hustle” if you ask me.

2.     Take care of the lawns of properties for sale.

Occasionally a house will be on the market a tad longer than planned, or the sellers have already moved to a new location and are no longer on site. The lawn is a big deal when you’re selling your home because it’s often one of the first things potential buyers see.

Make sure to let prospective clients know that they can trust in having their property maintained by someone who knows what needs maintaining and has all the necessary tools for such work!

All you have to do is to reach out to the realtor or bank selling the home.

·        If the properties are in your own neighborhood, you stand to make some decent cash without traveling too far from home.

Most people have the needed equipment if they have their own home. Things like a lawnmower, snowblower, or hedge trimmer can be used for your own home as well as your business…just account for the cost of the gasoline/oil mix.

This won’t pay as well as cleaning and depends on both the weather and the size of the yard. Still – if you had 5 properties consistently at a time, and charged $30 each for mowing once a week, that is $150 a week. It comes to just under $8,000 a year.

3.  Become a “gopher”.

I recommend that you phone up local building contractors and offer your services on the weekend.

Why the weekend? When construction contracts are made, usually they have a deadline worked in. There is an added fee for things taking longer than planned. Occasionally, it is cheaper to offer a few weekends of overtime than lose the early date deadline discount.

This is where you come in! You can be the person who does all of the necessary tasks to meet that deadline. Offer your services for a flat fee or an hourly wage, and make sure to get everything in writing before starting work!

Offering to pick up needed tools, building supplies, and even lunch for over-worked builders on their weekend workdays could grow to some pretty lucrative occasional work.

I doubt you will see more than $15 an hour for this, but 10 hours a weekend adds up to almost $8,000 a year.

4.     Paint the interior or exterior of homes for sale.

If you enjoy painting, why not sell that service to banks or home “flippers?”

This is a service that can be provided very quickly and you can often charge by the job rather than by the hour. Most real estate buyers are looking for a move-in-ready house, so this is an important service to offer!

Have you ever had an estimate for a painting job at your own house?


You will need drop cloths, paint brushes, paint rollers, painter’s tape, and to know if you or they will be supplying the paint. If it is your job, you need to know how much you would need for coverage, the total area of walls to be painted, and be able to include that in your pricing.

5.     Real Estate Cleaning: Perform the final cleaning prior to going on the market.

The final stages of cleaning are all about finishing touches. These include scrubbing floors, polishing wood and other surfaces (like countertops) to make them look their best again; vacuuming carpets or rugs, scouring sinks, and shining up countertops.

Lastly, you would shine those appliances to make them look new. This will leave everything fresh-smelling for those open house events and picture-perfect for the listing brochures.

Nearly anyone can do this. Plus, it’s very rewarding…cleaning supplies are inexpensive, you can use your own mop and vacuum, and plan on at least $30 an hour. The average 3 bedroom house will take at least 4 hours for a deep clean…so doing at least one a week would get you $120-150, again, coming in at under $8,000 for a year.

Poll your prospects and offer your services.

Contact bank representatives, realtors, and property owners to inquire what kind of work they need doing on their properties. Give them your name and number and have them call you with their needs. When you demonstrate you’re eager and ready to go to work, someone may very likely take you up on your offer. Show your motivation.

7.     Go after large apartment units.

If everyone is working at moving into a house, that means they are either leaving a house or an apartment. We all know that a person moving out isn’t usually doing the best possible job as they are usually eager to just get on with their life at the new location.

Someone has to clean that apartment and freshen it up before it is leased to the next tenant. That person should be you!

Look for apartment buildings that have at least 16 units – and if they have more than one location? Even better!

Do a great job and you will become their “go-to” person for this task – usually, at least one unit becomes vacant every month.

Real estate cleaning has a huge potential for a lucrative income.

You have the power to fill your bank account with extra dollars right now. Think of every step from property clean-up to putting up real estate for sale. You’ll be surprised at the money you can make.

Here is the thing, you have to do more than just think about it. Depending on which option you go after, you can figure what supplies you will need.

If you take the time to think of a business name and create a set of business cards, you are ready to open your doors!

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